The experience of using Chocolate Slim

This story was told to Laura from the city of Basel (Switzerland). The girl has shared the difficult period of his life, and speaks of a chocolate drink Chocolate Slim it has helped her to lose weight and bring back the slim figure.

I since the childhood was slightly lush girl. But my lush cheeks just of the beach all-around and has pushed him to offer me to the regular candy. Me my the fat is not disturbed. At school, I was active, joyous, groovy girl, so that all the guys liked me, not the ungodly, all of you with me friends. When it came to adolescence, I am one of the first was formed and quickly developed into a girls girl, well stretched and the excess weight practically was not. Was slightly lush, but not thick. The fans I've had more than enough, it is time that we and started going out with her future husband.

As I started to gradually gain weight

Over the years, I've become the weight gain, not too quickly, but 6 to 8 kg per year and was stood up. On my life it did not affect, the husband was wearing on the hands, and has continued to do so. The colleagues loved me because of my cheerful disposition, and I did not find it necessary to pay attention to such trifles, as the folds at the waist and thighs large. Then, how to get married with my husband, very early on, the children end up not in a hurry, but a few years later came to what you might already think about it.

Pregnant I quickly, pregnancy has been easy, has been the toxemia in the first trimester of pregnancy, and of course, the last schedule had to lie on the support, but all in all everything went well. In 9 months, I took 18 kg, the doctors scolded me, saying that it is a lot, but I feel that it is not terrible, the mouth and everything will happen. However, my opinion was wrong. Itself is not fair is not a party, but in the first year of a child's life I continued to gain weight.

Time passed and, in general, in a way completely transparent for me, I already weighed over 100 kg And I would probably have up to the present, it is not correct, if this is not started to have health problems: high blood pressure, отдышка, heart problems and joint. But the funny thing is that when my child went to the first class and the day of health as a member of the committee parental went to the class of hiking. For the first time, I felt the shame of their appearance, all the moms were thin, young, beautiful, and I big numbers on the scale seemed to be 15 years older than them. And even the moms that have led to the school of your children are younger, look better than me. When the time came prior to the contest, I was already ready to sink into the ground with shame. I could not do: try to run finished what I had started a violent отдышка, the pain in the knees and the heart. In general, to go home, I've decided that you need to take for yourself and an urgent need to lose weight.

The decision to change my life

I cried all night, and in the morning, as believes the girl, who has decided to lose weight, заварила the oat flour to the water and became a small breakfast. The enthusiasm ended at noon. And at work, I usually eat in the dining room, familiar to you-even the feet of the chicken with the potatoes and the soup. Since then, my attempts to lose the extra pounds have been regular. But more than 3-4 days of dieting, or at least a good power supply I will not resist. I just madly want to say, and I fell. Then I fell into a terrible depression, just don't expect that to lose weight is difficult, did not think that in a way dependent on the food, and the support of her husband, in quotation marks, is not мотивировала, quite the contrary. I convinced them that I don't need to lose weight, and why I have a few restrictions, they say, she and her daughter love me, and all these plans I don't need.

But I wasn't going to give up, was looking for easy ways, as they say. First of all, I decided on the coding of overeating, but it to me is not helped I as got up in the night in the fridge, and continued to do so. So I bought a system 25th image, but this was a deception. Now look closely to the tablet – the compositions were entirely chemicals, and a list of counter-indications very impressive. It was terrible, but I'm almost decided, and then being fallen on a notice of pro Chocolate Slim. And decided to postpone the purchase of the magic pill for later, and to first try and secure the description of the drink.

And now, I am ready to sing the ode. It really is the most effective, easy and affordable way to lose weight. Literally immediately I felt that my appetite started to decrease. Plus it is very convenient to take to work instead of lunch. First, colleagues were asked how to work without interruption, and in general, really, and I refuse to savory. But in fact, the fancy cakes, cakes and sweets, I've simply disappeared. One day, a colleague has celebrated the day of the birth and brought a cake as treats, for sake of decency, I ate a small piece, and it was pleasant to me very fatty, and sugary foods. Also, I have not dined on the advice of his colleagues, unlike them, who, after the dining room we wanted only to sleep, I have energy for resale, and I started to go and work on foot.

Of course, in this mode of pounds literally melted on the eyes. I felt easier, I wanted to literally float in the air. Such a vivacity, I do not feel for a very long time. And the fact that it is possible to gorging themselves on small portions of favorite food, I really the discovery. So Chocolate Slim saved my form, my health, and literally gave me a new life.

The experience of using the Chocolate Slim

Now, I am completely satisfied with my weight, but I want to give the form of the relief, therefore, intends to go to the gym. If not running out of energy, I will continue to drink a delicious beverage. In general, I advise you to try Chocolate Slim! Stop pacing, plans to live in the depression, and just enjoy life with Chocolate Slim and give up the excess weight!